Why We're

Lee Hiking Palo Duro Canyon

It is our family’s pleasure to welcome you and your family to visit God’s country in the heart of Texas at Heart of the Canyon Resort. Our Palo Duro Canyon vacation rentals are comfortable, well-appointed and located conveniently to dining, hiking, horseback riding, golf and attractions. 

Our resort encompasses two locations: Heart of the Canyon Resort, LLC in Canyon, TX, and Heart of the Canyon Resort, LLC at Palo Duro Canyon, the largest canyon in the Great State of Texas. 

Palo Duro Canyon is also the 2nd largest canyon in the United States, and Heart of the Canyon offers one of the few accommodations found there. Ann’s At Last Art House for hope and healing opened on March 8, 2019. This cabin was built to honor Mrs. Ann Crouch, and was dedicated in her honor. It’s a lovely A-frame home at the end of Palo Duro Canyon rim, with stunning views overlooking the canyon. 

The Canyon Changes Lives

Ann’s legacy lives on in Ann’s At Last Art House. The home overlooks 103 wild acres she worked to conserve. We appreciate her efforts to keep this land untouched, and we are so thankful that she did. Indeed, the whole of Texas and is blessed that this beautiful acreage remains a place where God’s glory can still be seen in nature. 

We the Blakeney’s, and our friends among area business owners, stand together to preserve and protect this land, and know that all who stay here will feel Ann’s legacy as they look out over Palo Duro Canyon. 

If you’re in the area, you are most welcome to look around the site, and please call us anytime! As professional hosts, we’re happy to share our homes and lives with you, and as stewards of the land, we want as many people as possible to experience the glory of untouched nature. It is our hearts’ desire for Ann’s At Last Art House to be an iconic place of beauty for Randall County, a blessed beacon of hope and healing in the great state of Texas. 

Lee Hiking Palo Duro Canyon
Family Hiking in Palo Duro Canyon

Magical Sunday Canyon

Sunday Canyon is stunning, and most who visit here agree that it is truly God’s country. Families from around the world who visit Heart of the Canyon feel deeply connected to nature here – a place where you can look upon untouched beauty and experience nature the way the Lord intended. 

The best way to fully experience Sunday Canyon is by hiking, but it’s best to have a guide when venturing into such untouched nature. The wild canyon country is home to coyotes, wolves, rattlesnakes, copperheads, brown recluses and black widows – all living among much more docile creatures, of course. A knowledgeable guide will help you have the best possible experience in this place with such varied and awe-inspiring wildlife. 

There’s nothing more important to us than that we be good stewards of the land, preserving and protecting nature and creation for all families to enjoy. We ask that when you adventure with us you bring only your cameras, safety equipment and necessary supplies. More importantly, we ask that you respect the land and follow the most important rule when in nature: Take nothing but pictures. Leave nothing but footprints. 

Family Hiking in Palo Duro Canyon

Safety in the Canyon

In deference to the power of nature and our desire to protect Texas’s wilderness, we require that all guest hikes in Sunday Canyon ensure they have proper water, safety equipment and a map at a minimum. 

Furthermore, we can also arrange for the hikes to be led by a member of the Blakeney family. If you’re planning a hike during your stay, please contact us to make arrangements beforehand so that we can be sure your hike is the safest and best family experience possible.  Armed with with knowledge and some basic understanding of the area, we will ensure your adventure is what God intended.

Creating and maintaining these Sunday Canyon and Palo Duro Canyon vacation rentals has been an experience of hope and healing for our family, and it couldn’t have been accomplished without the help and support of our parents, Tom and Lee B. of Canyon, TX. They continue to provide love and guiding light to us on this journey to preserve these beautiful, natural locations in the Texas wilds. 

Come Share Our Family's Blessing

We feel so blessed that we have this opportunity to be stewards of this land, and that we’re able to share it with others. We hope the experience of this wilderness and the story of Ann’s At Last Art House can be blessings for your family, as well. 

Come visit us at Heart of the Canyon in Palo Duro or Sunday Canyon to create shared family memories that will last a lifetime. Families are better together, and God’s glorious natural world is best when shared. Let our family show your family these beautiful lands we’ve been blessed with the opportunity to protect.

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